Emese Deana

I began my fascination with yoga 15 years ago to help steady my busy lifestyle and bring balance to the stress of my corporate job. At that time, I believed that yoga was ‘just’ one of the many amazing things of the world that I could incorporate into my daily being.

This continued until approximately three years ago, when I found myself in a mentally and physically challenging situation. Experiencing burn out, panic attacks and anxiety, I was naturally drawn to educating myself on these topics to find alternative and sustainable solutions as opposed to medication. By utilizing different yoga techniques and mindfulness I have not only managed to overcome my symptoms but transformed my life to a more meaningful and sustainable one.

My recovery was recognised by friends and colleagues and I was asked to teach yoga by more and more people around me.

Nowadays I successfully offer a unique combination of deep relaxations throughout restorative yoga and breathing exercises based on Max Storm’s inner axis. I am teaching at YogaMoves Utrecht, Hearth yogastudio Utrecht and private classes at my students home. www.stardustyoga. nl