Ganga Ma

I often lead gatherings with goosebumps and teary eyes!
To me it is most touching and inspiring when in a chanting gathering I hear all these different voices melting into one voice, into one ocean of sound. 
Singing Kirtan together is a powerful way to express our love and longing for the Divine. Being fully immersed in the chanting of a mantra offers us the possibility to know our Self more deeply.
Every single time I give my heart fully to an ecstatic kirtan or meditative mantra it melts a bit more.It is this path of Bhakti Yoga that inspires me again and again. It is the path of the heart, of surrender and celebration. Here we do not need to understand or ‘do’ anything. We allow ourselves to be moved by something greater then us.

Living a nomadic life, I am spending most of my time offering kirtan and mantra in Rishikesh in India and in the summer months I am in Holland to share the magic here. I have recently recorded my favorite and mostly meditative chants on my second album ‘Bliss of Being’. 
During the festival I will offer a workshop on mantra chanting, and in the afternoon I will lead all of us into an ecstatic gathering of Kirtan to close of this festival in a joyful way. I will bring my album to share with you, and some friends with drums and other instruments to spice up our Kirtan.