Simon Rowe

Simon Rowe is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the
Netherlands and is the owner of Yoga Simon. Simon invites students to give themselves
fully to the flow experience and and to dive deeply into the mystical teachings of Yoga as
a tool for transformation. He offers refined teachings on breath, flow and energetics and
teaches his students to ‘live their love and embody their freedom’

Simon has developed his own signature style of practice and teaching inspired by his life long study of Yoga and movement based practices. His training modules are hosted by leading yoga studios in the Netherlands as well as the Dutch Ministry of Defence. As a lover of life, nature and the spirit of freedom, Simon enjoys travelling to study and to share his teachings with others.

Workshop: The Art of Flow
Kick off your Saturday morning at the festival with Simon Rowe for an epic flow practice!
Come experience the transformative power of energetic Yoga practice during an awesome
sequence of yoga poses, dynamic breathwork, mantra and moving meditations. Simon invites you
awaken your zest for life, embody your freedom and shine as the sun

Workshop: Breathwork & Flow
NO MAT REQUIRED! Take your practice off – mat & come experience breathwork in flow. This is a whole – body – experience that is wonderfully transformative and very accessible for anyone. Give yourself a Prana boost! Awaken and balance the flow of life force, experience a deep harmony between body, mind & breath. Breathe with your whole body to feel totally alive!

Visit Simon’s website here
Facebook/You tube: Yoga Simon
Instagram: @simonrowe_yogasimon